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We provide:

  • Learning the philosophies of hiring companies and match it to suitable applicants

  • Understanding our clients and how they can improve themselves in a new career

  • Clients preparation prior to their interview

  • We review employment offers with full details and abstain from accepting an offer if it doesn’t fit your necessities.

  • We deliver trustworthiness, honesty, and solutions 


Our Services:

  • Free services to all job seekers

  • Support in job search and resume modification

  • Career assessment and employment goal planning

  • Discover current career opportunities

  • Build your confidence and  motivation

  • Discover your strengths, skills, and abilities

  • Interview Coaching

  • Constant exploration for permanent positions

  • Direct contact  and interview arrangement with employers

  • Salary and benefits negotiation



Everyone is welcome to obtain our services:

  • Are you currently underpaid at your job

  • Working part-time and looking to transition to full-time

  • Parents and looking for additional income

  • On EI and transitioning to a new career

  • Re-entering the workforce and facing Labour market difficulties

  • Are you new to Canada

All services and supports have eligibility criteria, and we will help determine the right services for you


Who can access our service?

  • Indigenous People

  • Canadians and new immigrants

  • Refugee claimants

  • Temporary workers

  • International Students

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