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6 Virtual Interview Etiquette Tips to Help You Land That Job

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

You did it! After spending hours online and submitting your resumes to multiple job postings and creating resume and cover letters to each one……. YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW!

This is a huge milestone and you should be proud. As employers are generally busy and would like to officially meet with you in person.

Actually it’s a virtual interview over Zoom. Are you ready?

You have always been taught to have a firm hand shake, look the interviewer in the eyes and

come at least 15 minutes early. Now take all the things you've learned and throw them out the window.

Technology is becoming part of our everyday life, so it should come as no surprise that it’s

now taking over the recruitment process. I have probably done thousands of interviews in my

career and can honestly say that interviewing online is a very good way gauge many things regarding candidates.

How do you put your best foot forward when your employer can't see your feet?

Here are some simple tips to help increase your chances to that offer letter you have been

waiting for:

1. Dress to impress

How you look will also help you feel more prepared and confident for your interview.

This is still a job interview and the employer will be able to see you. Even though you

maybe in the comfort of your home or in a private space, you need to look presentable

and fit the company culture. If you would normally wear a suit or professional attire in

your role then make sure you continue to dress accordingly but if your role is more

casual just ensure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free as first impressions do matter.

2. Practice makes perfect

Zoom is a free video conference platform that you can use with friends and family. Just

like any new device there are buttons, lights and options that you may want to play with

or configure so that when you interview your focused and prepared. Its hard to navigate

through something new and be ready to answer questions for an employer at the same

time. Just like any new system you should test it out on your computer or phone before

you have an important interview. Practice sending meeting invites and receiving them

so you can access Zoom easily and not be frazzled by anything during your interview.

3. Location is everything

We all know this terms from real estate but it also is relevant to Zoom and other video

conferencing programs. An interview is a time where an employer will be listening to

your answers and making a judgment call to see if you are worth investing in. It’s

important for you to have a distraction free area. If you don’t have a home office or

professional space Zoom has the capability of giving you options for your background

but you need to be alone in a quiet place so you can hear and answer to the best of your

abilities. Also depending on the role having a uninterrupted professional space may also

give confidence to your employer that you can in future work from home.

4. Time is your friend

Being early is good but what’s even better is not having to fight traffic, find parking and

sitting in a waiting room as everyone walks past you and wondering what you are

waiting for. You don’t need to be 15 minutes early, as all you will see is a white screen

but 3 to 5 minutes early is the appropriate amount of time to show your eagerness.

5. Watch your body language

Just because you are not physically in front of your potential employer doesn’t change

that video conferencing allows them to see you. You need to maintain eye contact with

your interviewer and sit up straight without moving around too much. Too much

movement of your head and eyes will create an illusion that your distracted or nervous.

Make sure you have the camera and screen set up to see your profile at a good angle

and the lighting allows a clear image. The more confident you appear the more likely the

employers will be interested in your skills and experience for the position.

6. Be prepared and ask questions

Just like any other interview you need to know the business and the position you are

applying for so be prepared. Don’t try and use your computer or phone during your

interview as the employer is watching you and can tell if you are looking at something

else. Keep notes or questions prepared next to you and remember to write anything

important down as employers like to see you take notes.

Congratulations your almost done your interview. The only thing left is to thank your

interviewer or interviewers for taking the time to meet with you and express your final

thoughts on the position. Let the organization know how excited you are to join the team and your availability for next steps.

I can’t guarantee you will get the position or even a 2nd interview with every company you meet with, but I can promise that by following these simple steps you will be more prepared and confident. A employer will be impressed and appreciative of your virtual etiquette and if you’re not already hired for this role will keep you in mind for any opportunities they come across in the organization. Stay positive in your job search and be open to possibilities as they are everywhere.

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