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CI Employment is a hybrid Service Provider supporting job seekers and employers alike. Our goal is to find an ideal match and fill a specific need. We are focused on assuring the right candidates connects to the right companies, so both employer and employee are content with an ideal match and are invested in a long-term fit. We truly believe that everyone has skill and value, is equally important, and that there is an ideal fit for each Employer and Job Seeker.


  • Career Planning 

  • Resume Cover Letter and Job Documents 

  • Current Market Movement & Top Trending Careers

  • Interview Techniques Practice & Training 

  • Career Decision Making, Salary & Benefits Negotiation

  • Permanent Residents 

  • Local Job-seekers

  • Refugee Claimants 

  • Indigenous People

  • International Students 

  • Temporary foreign workers

  • High School Students 

  • People with disability

Who can Access our Services?

Pre-Landing Employment

Are you in the process of immigrating to British Columbia Canada? We can help you! We will work closely with you to create a meaningful exciting and satisfying career by helping you with the following:


  • Pre-Employment Counseling

  • 1 to 1 Employment Workshops

  • Canadian Style Professional Resume and Cover Letter that will get you noticed  

  • Arranged Interviews on your behalf 

  • Help you thrive in your new job and Career  

Explore your job options and secure a position before you even land at your destination, country or local area with the help of CI employment.